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American Freedom
Conversation with America
For “Change” in the UNITED STATES

Learn the shocking truth explaining how multiple forms of laws are being used in America by representatives of the secret UNITED STATES government to economically enslave the American people …WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT.

You will discover:
  • The unconstitutional methods being used to control the American people by secret forces within the UNITED STATES
  • That a legal “System” was created by representatives of the secret UNITED STATES to replace our original Constitution
  • The details behind the legal “System” where Contracts of Ownership and Title are being used by representatives of the secret UNITED STATES government to control the possessions of American Citizens…including OUR Children
  • The Income Tax is legal, but it only applies to certain “Individuals” and “Persons” in the secret UNITED STATES instead of every American Citizen as you were led to believe
  • How to determine unconstitutional from constitutional where laws are concerned without an attorney by using information, definition, and evidence to break down the laws which should and should not apply to an American Citizen
  • How to use the Supreme Laws of the Land in America to combat the legal “System” in the secret UNITED STATES
  • How to regain your Natural and Constitutional Rights as a Sovereign American Citizen when dealing with the secret UNITED STATES
  • How to live free from the control of the secret UNITED STATES as a Sovereign Citizen in America
  • How to destroy the secret UNITED STATES government and restore our American Freedom
It makes no difference if Government is “Big” or “Small”, or run by “Democrats” or “Republicans” when it is in De facto, and the American people no longer control their nation.
--Charles Erwin
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American Freedom

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Next News Network

Please view "50 days of freedom" February 23rd at noon central on the Next News Network.
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US Third Party candidates: All we are saying is give these a chance!

By Adrian Salbuchi

Millions of voting Americans have been misled - even coaxed - into believing
that either incumbent Barack Obama or challenger Mitt Romney must become the
next president of the US. A bad choice? Sure, but... "No buts!"
Look again, however, because Americans do have a choice. For instance,
consider what presidential candidates Gary Johnson (former Governor of New
Mexico) of the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein of the Green Party have to

Watch Monday evening's second and final Third Party Presidential Debate from
Washington DC, hosted by RT, where both these candidates will offer American
voters real options; or at least different options from what political
look-alikes Mitt and Barack are offering; "Oromney" and "Rombama" as some
have dubbed them.

Two sides of same coin
Many American voters were particularly taken aback by the latest major
prime-time candidate "debate" focusing on foreign policy, in which Obama and
Romney seemed to agree on all those key issues that have got - and continue
to ... << MORE >>

The Truth behind Executive Orders and Martial Law

By Charles Erwin
On March 16, 2012 President Obama signed the National Defense Resource Preparedness Executive Order, which “could” open the door for implementation of peacetime Martial Law in the United States. Executive Orders are nothing new. Democratic and Republican Presidents have used Executive Orders to have their way with America for decades. However, the ugly truth associated with every Executive Order signed is Executive Orders are unconstitutional.
What makes all Executive Orders unconstitutional? We need only refer to the Constitution for an answer. Article I Section 1 of the Constitution reads as follows:
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of aSenate and House of Representatives. ”
The Constitution is quite clear “All legislative Powers” are granted to a “Congress of the United States” consisting of a “Senate and House of Representatives”. The Founding Fathers of our Country made sure no one man could become a dictator while sitting in the office of President. This means Presidents have no “
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Is Ron Paul Crazy and Can He Be Trusted?

By Charles Erwin
After a strong finish in the early Republican primaries, Congressman Ron Paul is beginning to break out of the Patriot Movement box and break into Mainstream America Republican Party politics. If you are not active in the Patriot Movement, the only thing you’ve probably heard about Ron Paul from his comrades in Congress and Mainstream Media is that the man is crazy. However, with his rising popularity as a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, many people in the Patriot Movement are now asking themselves another question about Ron Paul. Can he be trusted?
It is obvious no one in their right mind would vote for a crazy person who cannot be trusted, but we’ve done it twice now for the Republican President George W. Bush and once for Democratic President Barack Obama. If you don’t think these two Presidents are crazy, look at Homeland Security, Patriot Act, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our economy, TSA, and the recent traitorous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA bill passed by Congress and signed by Obama allows Americans to be arrested by the military with no ...
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Know Your Rights (Second Amendment)

By Charles Erwin
Most gun-owning Americans have been led to believe they have a Second Amendment right to be armed. That belief is totally false!!! The truth is everyone on the planet has a lawful God-given Natural Right to be armed. In America, the Second Amendment is one of the ten Common Law Articles in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. The Second Amendment simply guarantees our Natural Right to be armed “in writing”. This Natural Right was initially given to everyone at birth by Nature/Universe/God. The Second Amendment reads as follows:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ”
So, if we have a “lawful” Natural Right to “to keep and bear Arms”, then why do most States in the union try to restrict or deny our rights under God and the Second Amendment with “legal” gun control? The obvious answer is our current Federal, State, and Local governments no longer wish America to be ...
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The Noble Lie Continues

“A myth or untruth told by the Elite to preserve social harmony and the position of that Elite”
By Holland Van den Nieuwenhof
   As the writer and producer for the newly-released A Noble Lie, a documentary exposing the official lie behind the Oklahoma City bombing, I was more than interested in a recent Newsweek article that chronicles the undercover activities of John Matthews.  Matthews, disillusioned by the illegal activities and plots of violence within the circle of Right Wing extremists that he ran with, became an FBI informant and reported on their activities for years.   I was intrigued at the prospect of a mainstream account of the FBI’s undercover activities against domestic terror threats in the Nineties and PATCONin particular.   PATCON, short for Patriot Conspiracy, was ...
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A Message From United We Strike

By Karen Tostado

When "WE the PEOPLE" are aware of crimes being committed, yet do nothing to stop or avert those crimes, we become "Accomplices".
While we are demonstrating all around the world against the corrupt and criminal banking fraud that is stripping us ALL of what little wealth we've tried to acquire, those same unlawful, illegal mafia heads of state are planning another war against Iran, using us once again, as pawns in their destructive military march across this planet.
Some of us have been so well trained to be slaves that we enable these atrocities by not questionig orders we know are out of alignment with anything sacred, and only in alignment with evil, closing our eyes and gritting our teeth, performing acts of violence we'll live with the rest of our lives.....and for what?? More of the same???
That is what we will get if we continue to live our lives expecting "Someone Else" to solve OUR problems. That is why governments seek to make us depend on them, yet THEY are contemplating more WAR, and now, not even a WHITE FLAG ...
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Know Your Rights (Judicial System)

By Charles Erwin
This segment of “Know Your Rights” focuses on the legal and lawful Judicial Systems which have been implemented in America. If you don’t know the difference between legal laws and lawful laws, please read the free chapters of American Freedom located at American Freedom Books or the American Freedom Blog.
Have you ever wondered what gives Judges the authority and jurisdiction to RULE over you in courts of law which contain no jury of your peers? Why do lawyers and attorneys have to pass the BAR exam to practice law in America? What is the difference between a lawyer and attorney anyway? These are very important questions, and the answers will allow you to “Know Your Rights” where legal laws versus lawful laws are concerned.
The original Constitution states America’s Judicial System is made up of Courts, Judges, and Juries. Under the original Constitution, the accused has a right to trial by jury in criminal and most civil cases based on the amount of money in question. This information is documented in the following Amendments:
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    American Freedom News (UWS October Radio Marathon)

    Clint Richardson's “Letal Injection: The Story of Vaccinations”
                              WE ARE ALL BEING EXPERIMENTED ON & STERILIZED
                                      OCCUPY YOUR LOCAL LEGISLATIVE BRANCES
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    American Freedom News (UWS September Radio Marathon)



    9am E, 6am P: “Wake News Radio” with Detlev of
    in German for 2 hours

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     Information on this website does not constitute legal advice or practicing legal law without a license. American Freedom Books seeks the restoration of lawful law, "our" Republic, and freedom by exposing "their" legal law Democracy being used to enslave the American people.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Information on this website does not constitute legal advice or practicing legal law without a license. American Freedom Books seeks the restoration of lawful law, "our" Republic, and freedom by exposing "their" legal law Democracy being used to enslave the American people.

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    Questions for every Political Candidate in America

    By Charles Erwin
    One of the most important questions before each election cycle is “What are the issues?” Mainstream Media and politicians will tell you the primary issues are Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Jobs, Economy, and Wars. These “legal” and moral issues are important, but they pale in comparison to the “lawful” issues of Freedom faced by Americans today.
    If you follow American Freedom Books and the American Freedom Blog, you know there is a huge difference between what is “legal” and what is “lawful”. If you follow our International affiliate groups at United We Strike,International Community Radio NetworkTax Free 15 UKVote For It, and Wake News, you know the whole world is in trouble from the New World Order. Politicians around the world are betraying their constituents on a daily basis, but we’re going to limit our discussion to American politicians in this article.
    We’re all familiar with the FICTITIOUS “legal” issues of each election, so let’s take a look at the REAL “lawful” issues requiring our immediate attention. The only way to tell treasonous “legal” politicians from politicians who perceive they are...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (Global Non Compliance Strike)

    Post contributed by Karen Tostado

    "WE the PEOPLE" outnumber those few criminals in power who've stolen our governments, destroying our planet, while making us ill, and charging us for the priviledge of screwing us over. When enough of US understand this, when enough of US realize that our future and our children's future hang in the balance, and that war is a racket,
    We can UNITE & STAND IN SOLIDARITY with each other, within our own countries, our own neighborhoods, and begin the job of cleaning up and rebuilding from the inside out.
    Our friends at are planning a week long strike 9/12-9/19
    They have our full support.
    Or else we can continue to believe its not as bad as all that, and ignore this too.
    Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!

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    The Maui House

    Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
    When we bought our vacation home in Maui we were totally over the moon – now we had a reason to make multiple trips to Hawaii each year! We’d first been on our honeymoon years ago and I just adored it so when my husband got his raise I begged him to let us buy the place. It’s been great because we rent it out when we’re not using it and it’s almost always full since we sprung for all the upgrades. We got the granite countertops, the satellite system and even a car for the people who rent it to use so we keep getting really positive feedback when people stay and leave. I love having a reason to make the long flight to the islands and my kids absolutely adore having a place to take their friends in the summer when school gets out. It doesn’t hurt our “coolness” as parents to have a place in Hawaii to offer the parents of our kids’ friends as well! There are a lot of perks to this vacation home!
    ... << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (UWS July Radio Marathon)

    Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!
    Karen and United We Strike Team. (first 2 chapters FREE) (Chat)


    1pm E, 10 am P: “RunnyMede Radio”” with Judith Hitchin from the UK

    7am E, 4am P: “Wake News Radio” in German with Detlev

    8am E, 5am P: “Wake News Radio”, Detlev

    9am E, 6am P: “Wake News Radio” English version with Detlev

    10 am E, 7am P: “Sovereign Independent” with Neil Foster & Dave Derby Live
    coverage of events featuring hard hitting
    interviews with ... << MORE >>

    Trading Independence for Hotdogs and Hamburgers

    By Charles Erwin

    The majority of Americans celebrating July 4th still believe they are free. We celebrate our independence from King George by cooking various meats on the George Foreman grill. Our governmental representatives and Mainstream Media bombard our senses with the spectacle of freedom we have in our great Democracy. In my opinion, based on evidence, selling independence to Americans who are no longer independent is a “legal” hoax. The great “legal” Democracy in which we live was initially a great “lawful” Republic, and independence from Great Britain has been taken away by treasonous Federal, State, and Local officials in government.
    It seems unbelievable but we have traded independence and freedom for hotdogs and hamburgers. If you think you’re free in America today you better think again. Do you have a choice to wear seat belts or not to wear seat belts? Can CPS take away your child if you spank the child? Can the IRS take everything you own even if you don’t consider yourself a taxpayer? Can you lose your home for failure to pay property taxes? The Supreme Court of Indiana recently ruled their Citizens ...
    << MORE >>

    STRIKE in Solidarity with Greece!

    By Karen Tostado of United We Strike

    Why aren't "We the People" Striking and Boycotting with our Brother's &
    Sister's in Greece?

    While we sit and watch from the comfort of our homes, not only in Greece,
    but all around us: America,  Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Iraq,
     Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc, "We the People" are being oppressed by the same
    ruthless banking and  political agenda's, led by soul-less people who've been
    bought off, seduced by power and lies, and taught to be traitors of entire

    If its not government sanctioned wars, "accidental", or purposeful neglect of
    nuclear reactors through"natural" or man-made earthquakes,
    "mismanaged" flood preparations, (which just happen to be soros buying
    opportunites), mortgage fraud, "ForeclosureGate", Free Trade Zones in
     exchange for American banking debt,planned food shortages ......



    United States versus United States

    By Charles Erwin

    Most Americans don’t understand how the United States could be at odds with the United States as the title of this article suggests. If you are one of these “persons” or “individuals”, allow me to explain. One of the best kept secrets of the ages is the existence of two entities known as United States.
    Are these two United States twins separated at birth? Heavens no! One of these guys is much older than the other. As a matter of fact, one United States is “Real” and the other is “Fictional”. How could one be “Real” and the other “Fictional”? You could ask certain treasonous agents in government for the answer, but I don’t think you’d get the truth. A better option is to continue reading and allow me to explain.
    We know the “Real” United States was born from revolution with blood and sacrifice ...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (UWS June Radio Marathon)

    The fight for world freedom continues:


    http://www. & http://www.


    1pm E, 10 am P: “RunnyMede Radio”” with Judith Hitchin from the UK php/runnymede-messenger

    2 pm E, 11 am P: “Bonnefire Coalition” with Bonne Hoag


    3pm E, 12 pm P: “Skywatch News, Weather & Views” with Rosalind Peterson & http://www.


    7am E, 4am P: “Wake News Radio” with Detlev in German for 2 hours

    9am ... << MORE >>

    My Wallet Loves New Green Technologies More Every Day!

    Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez
    The more I read about going green and how it can save money the more intrigued I became. How much can you really save by conserving energy usage? A ton! Just check out Is the cost of buying the pricier energy saving gadgets really worth it? I decided to start with the simple idea of changing my light bulbs. I did not change the amount of time they would be on, but I changed to the compact fluorescent ones that take forever to get bright enough to light a room!
    The first thing I had to figure out was how many bulbs I needed. It turned out I would need twelve 60-watt bulbs and fourteen 40-watt bulbs. The next thing was to get them on sale (saving more money). I purchased five packages of six bulbs each for a measly twenty- five dollars. That is not bad unless you consider the fact that a four pack of regular light bulbs is under two dollars.
    I made sure to change the bulbs right after the meter man read the meter so I would be sure of any changes in my billing for one entire month. ...
    << MORE >>

    Did Obama Kill Osama?

    By Charles Erwin

    It’s the latest news of the decade currently dominating Mainstream Media. According to President Obama, U. S. forces finally killed Osama Bin Laden during a firefight in Pakistan on May 1, 2011. There was jubilation in the streets surrounding the Whitehouse and throughout the United States when the news of Bin Laden’s demise was announced. The “Terrorist” Hobgoblin Osama had been killed by the latest in a long line of “Terrible” Democrat and Republican Presidents, Barack Obama.
    According to The Hill, “The death of bin Laden marks the most significant event to date in our nation's efforts to defeat al Qaeda.” Defeating AL Qaeda and killing Terrorist Hobgoblins like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are worthy goals, but only if the information coming from our government is true. Obama says he won’t release death pictures of Osama because they are too gruesome and the pictures could spur retaliation from the Terrorists. ...
    << MORE >>

    Legal Disclaimer

    Information on this website does not constitute legal advice or practicing legal law without a license. American Freedom Books seeks the restoration of lawful law, "our" Republic, and freedom by exposing "their" legal law Democracy being used to enslave the American people.

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    American Freedom Chronicles (Part Two)

    By Charles Erwin

    Welcome to another edition of the American Freedom Chronicles. This article will discuss real world issues of “legal” versus “lawful” laws faced by Americans each day. I’m sure most of you have often wondered why there are so many laws in what is supposed to be the freest nation in the world. If you’ve read my book or other articles you know the answer to that question. For those new followers of American Freedom, the answer is there are millions of “legal” laws in all levels of government. Most of the “legal” laws we believe must be followed are not “lawful” laws, which makes themunconstitutional laws. Yes, my friends, the freest people in the world have been tricked into following millions ofunlawful laws and unconstitutional laws designed to enslave America. Allow me to list some of these laws we follow to determine if they are “legal” laws (unconstitutional laws) or “lawful” laws (constitutional laws). Please keep in mind corporate legal fiction “Persons” and “Individuals” of the UNITED STATES ...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (April 15 United We Strike Radio Marathon)

    4 am pacific: “Wake News Radio”2 hours in German with Detlev of
    7 am eastern: / 12 h GMT, 13 Uhr MEZ/CET Guest/Gast Dipl. Ing. Michael Limburg,, Climategate is the topic!

    6 am pacific: “Wake News Radio” English recap with Detlev Guest/Gast Dipl. Ing. Michael
    9 am eastern:
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom Chronicles (Part One)

    Welcome to “Part One” of the American Freedom Chronicles. The American Freedom Chronicles blog posts are designed to teach American Patriots the truth concerning American Freedom in this country. Before getting started, there is one prerequisite which will aid in comprehending the information provided. That prerequisite is to download and read the FREE chapters of the book “American Freedom A Conversation with America For “Change” in the UNITED STATES”. Free chapters of the book are available on the American Freedom Blog or at our main website at American Freedom Books.
    If you’ve done your American Freedom homework, you are aware treasonous representatives in Local, State, and Federal Governments have created, at least, two entities known as United States. The “legal” entity UNITED STATES is a Federal Corporation and the “lawful” United States, created by ...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News

    Jan 15th debuts our first UWS radio marathon in 2011

    United We Strike would like to invite ALL PATRIOT'S AND ACTIVIST'S to
    to the tyranny of the New World Order, Fascism, Banking Fraud & Wars
    divided we've fallen, UNITED WE RISE!

    Let us stand as ONE, Our Networking Energy, focused on the individual issues that most concern us: Intrusive regulations. Licenses and Fees, Banking Fraud, Foreclosures, Wars, Bio-weapons, Wall Street Gambling, Derivatives, Water Privatization, GMO's, Geo-Engineering, Weather manipulation, HAARP, Austerity measures, CEO bonuses, the Federal Reserve, The controlled toxic destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and all life, now planned Navy war games in our oceans, the use of Depleted Uranium (DU), Obama Care, Voter ...
    << MORE >>

    TSA abuse destroys American Freedom

    By Charles Erwin

    The lawful United States was once the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. ” Sadly, some elements within our governments are attempting to turn America into a Police State. Government agents within the legal UNITED STATES are using the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, FBI, CIA, BATFE, and our local Police FORCES to transform our nation into the “Land of the Safe and the Home of the Enslaved. ” For what it’s worth, I prefer to live “Free” and “Brave” than to allow government employees to take away my freedom by keeping me “Safe” and “Enslaved”. What do you think?

    We have allowed government employees to enact unconstitutional legal laws violating our lawful God given Natural Rights for 100 plus years. This latest legal (yet unlawful and unconstitutional) affront to freedom by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), using post 9/11 fear of terrorist, is par for the course. The Founding Fathers lawful ...
    << MORE >>

    Medical Scrubs

    With the recent Health Care Bill passed by the Obama administration, medical needs are on the minds of many Americans…especially for those in the medical profession. As far as medical scrubs are concerned, “Blue Sky Scrubs” has got you covered. Their scrubs come in a variety of colors with a fashionable, hip, and trendy style. Looking for more than nursing uniform scrubs? “Blue Sky Scrubs” has hats, jackets, medical coats, and other accessories available when you buy scrubs online. For medical scrubs you’ll be proud to wear in public, check out their online store There is even free shipping on orders of $155 or more. ... << MORE >>

    Headline News

    By Charles Erwin

    Mainstream Media have never been shy when it comes to letting us know what news is and what news is not in our country. America is involved in two active wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the nation is in a depression, unemployment is at an all time high, and evidence suggests most of our government employees have betrayed “We the People” to work for Special Interest “Simon”. If that’s not bad enough, those same government employees have managed to take away our freedom by replacing the Founding Fathers original Constitution with a Treasonous Corporate Constitution allowing Special Interest “Simon” to have his way with America.

    Loss of Freedom and the destruction of the original Constitution should be in the headlines of Mainstream Media and on the minds of every American. Sadly, these important problems of Freedom are not on most of our minds during this Holiday season. Why? Because the Special Interest owned and controlled Mainstream Media decides what most of us know and don’t know as ...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (November 13 United We Stike Radio Marathon)

    Join us on our 4th United We Strike Marathon, now the 2nd Sat of each month
    NOVEMBER 13th, 2010

    Isn't it time we learned what we could about what is really going on,
    and stopped making excuses for allowing poor behavior?
    Especially our own?
    Our World is being destroyed by extremism in the form of military madness,
    training us to spy on, frisk, fondle, exploit, and murder each other, while condoning systems of Genocide, being divided by “Labels & Names”

    We are being poisoned on all fronts: our food, land, water, seas, skies and minds
    << MORE >>

    Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    By Charles Erwin

    The midterm elections on November 2, 2010 are over. According to the Mainstream Media, the Republicans won and the Democrats lost. Now that the Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives, our Second Amendment “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” is supposedly safe at the federal level…at least until the 2012 elections. How many of you see a problem with a Right being safe today and up for grabs tomorrow? Does that seem like freedom to you?
    I found an interesting article titled “The Day of Days” written by Chris W. Cox of the NRA in the November 2010 issue of “Guns & Ammo.” This article was written prior to the November 2, 2010 elections. The main point of the article was to get gun owners to the voting polls, but what jumped out at me was the following question in the article. “What will happen if Anti-Gun Obama appointees turn their attention to our gun rights?” If our governmental representatives ...
    << MORE >>

    American Freedom News (United We Strike 10/15/2010 Radio Archives)

    How hard does it have to get folks, before American's will find their inner
    strength, their sense of right and wrong, and finally figure out that our
    government, with it's global agenda, is NOT working for " WE THE PEOPLE",
    but for "them, the bankster globalist's"?
    How long until we realize that Homeland Security was set up to protect the
    government, against our justifiable anger, with Foreclosuregate and fraud,
    as we're scammed, and set up to pay the bills of Fannie & Freddie, who seek
    more of OUR money, while banksters take RECORD PROFITS AND BILLION DOLLAR
    Obama care, Chemtrails, Fluoride, Internet spying, Indoctrinating our
    children with programs like, teaching them to spy on us,
    teaching fabricated global warming, marketing vaccines, without looking into
    the rise of Autism and obesity and pharmaceutical use skyrocketing...........
    WE ARE!!!
    << MORE >>

    Legal Disclaimer

    Information on this website does not constitute legal advice or practicing legal law without a license. American Freedom Books seeks the restoration of lawful law, "our" Republic, and freedom by exposing "their" legal law Democracy being used to enslave the American people.